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AGES 9 to 12

Bootcamp Film-making

Learn the fundamentals for film making, from story to editing.

Students can join at any time up to week 3 of each semester (fee pro rata).

Max of 12 per class

$350 pr term

Filmbites Film-making boot camp is an 8 week crash course in film-making, designed to get young film-makers (11-15) up to speed with the skills, tools and processes to produce their own films using a DSLR camera, handling depth of field, exposure and lighting. They also learn about recording sound, importing footage and sound, basic editing and exporting.

Each week they engage in practical, hands-on exercises that test and increase their technical knowledge and require creative decision making, communication and teamwork.

Filmbites’ Filmmaking Boot Camp has students produce a short narrative sequence comprised of three lines of pre-written dialogue to explore three different genres – horror, comedy and drama.

At completion of this term students will be fast-tracked into Filmbites Intermediate Preparation
filmmaking program.

Bootcamp Film-making class


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AGES 12 to 15


This year long course develops the young film-makers understanding of the film-making processes.

Students ideally begin at the beginning of the course, but can join at any time up to week 3 of each semester, subject to availability and prior knowledge (fee pro rata).

Max of 12 per class

$400 pr term


Students analyse choices made by the director and heads of department in key scenes from successful movies. By critiquing key choices and breaking down all the components of the scene, students gain an appreciation of the thought process and deliberate practice that go into story and filmmaking, and gain an insight into how they might apply this to their films. Practical exercises throughout the term allow them to explore choices and techniques to apply in their own filmed exercises. Students recreate a key scene from a film as closely as possible, then adapt the same scene using their own unique choices. In semester 2, students each write, direct and edit their own 2-minute short, whilst contributing to other student’s films in key crew roles.


A year-long course that explores the role of the cinematographer (DP) and their relationship with the director. Students deepen their understanding of lighting, camera and mise en scene. Filmed outcomes include a group production and a paired production between director and DP.

Intermediate Film-making classes


ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN: Sat 10am to 12:30pm (Yr 1)