Advanced Screen Acting

Foundation classes for young actors to gain skills, confidence and versatility, and develop understanding and practice of storytelling and character building.

AGES: 15 +

DURATION: 2.5hrs per week. Terms 1, 2 & 3 run for 8 weeks. Term 4 sees a suspension of regular weekly hours to make way for rehearsal and production time.

HOW TO ENROL: New students are asked to undertake a placement workshop with Filmbites’ Head Acting Coach. Please click the link below for details. Entry is available up until week 3 of term 1 of each year. 

FEE: $650 per term



Wednesday ADV Year 1 – 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Saturday ADV Year 2 – 9:45am – 12:15pm


Tuesday ADV Year 1 – 4:30pm – 7:15pm


This course introduces aspects of ‘Method’ techniques and foundational elements of the teachings of Stanislavski, Strasberg and Adler including inner dialogue, sense memory, imagination and physical stimuli. These tools develop the actors in their emotional truth and understanding with characters and scenes. Actors are guided to develop insight and awareness to their own approach to the craft.

Actors develop their practice with these methods throughout the year through character improvisation work and scripted scenes, including devising an original monologue based on scene work. Actors apply their skills to scenes chosen for them by the head of acting and head of casting. Actors produce a filmed scene that has both non-verbal and dialogue elements. The filmed scenes are showcased on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and will be added to their showreel. 


Actors practice and extend inner dialogue, sense memory and physicality skills. Actors are introduced to more techniques for their acting tool box including Action statements, Objectives (scene and character) and Intent as well as breath work, specificity and deeper script analysis. Character work is based on identifying the relationship between a character’s inner needs, outer wants and actions to achieve these. Actors combine these exploration tools with previous learning to explore characters and scenes more deeply. Actors are mentored to continue their responsibilities and approach to the craft and industry.

Actors apply their acting learning to developing and preparing for a web series. The final production is shown on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and will be added to their showreel.