Game Design

Learn how to use Gamemaker to create your own games.

This  ‘drag and drop’ style software is a fun and simple way to learn how to design a game.

Over the course of the term you’ll make at least 3 different types of games, plus create your own sprites (characters).

Enjoy designing the strategy of your own games, plus learn how to test games (important!). 

This super fun course is great for gamers (why just play them when you can make them!), and will also provide a start into the world of gamification and future careers in the area.

Max of 8 per class

Ages 8 to 12


Game Design class


NEW COURSE STARTING TERM 4 – Thurs 4:30-5:30pm (please register your interest here for first notice when enrolments open)

Current students only – Mon 4:30-5:30pm

Max of 6


*You must download your own copy of Gamemaker (you can start with the trial version or purchase for $39 via YoYo Games)