Beginner Screen Acting

Foundation classes for young actors to gain skills, confidence and versatility, and develop understanding and practice of storytelling and character building.

AGES: 9 to 12 

DURATION: 1.5 hours

FEE: $350 per term

HOW TO ENROL: We recommend you start in a Year 1 class, if available, though a Year 2 class is fine if not. Simply click the enrol button to enrol online. Enrolments are open until the end of week 3 of terms 1, 2 and 3.

The Biff and Chip Show is our 2020 Monday Beginner Year 2 class’s end-of-year film.


Term 1: Foundational skills in screen acting including imagination, improvisation, confidence, team work, listening, and communication. 

Term 2: Students are introduced to the 3 P’s (people, place, problem) and use these to develop and explore scene ideas through improvisation. 

Term 3 & 4: Introduces the 4 W’s – What, When, Where and Who as students develop their own story for filming in Term 4, which will be shown on the big screen at Premiere Night in March the following year.


Term 1: Builds upon young actors’ understanding of the four W’s through exercises and improvisations, and introduces a fifth W – Why. 

Term 2: Learning about extras and group scene work. Students work together to develop and explore the W’s.

Term 3 & 4: Introduces the idea of a character’s journey, and expands student’s improvisational skills to include character journey and emotions. Students develop their own story for filming based on a given theme. In Term 4, it’s production term, where students act in one film and work behind the camera on the other as crew. The film is shown on the big screen at Premiere Night in March the following year.

Enrollments for 2024 are open now!