AGES: 16+

DURATION: 2.5hrs per week. Terms 1, 2 & 3 run for 8 weeks. Term 4 sees a suspension of regular weekly hours to make way for rehearsal and production time

FEE: $700 per term 

HOW TO ENROL: New students wishing to join this course are asked to attend a one-on-one placement workshop with Filmbites Head of Acting. Please click the link below for details.



The Intensive Year 1 course continues practice and development of ‘Method’ techniques. The course introduces and develops Specificity, Obstacles and Complication, while Justification and Emotional Truth are further developed.  Actors are introduced to a new method technique ‘Off-the-page’ (Guskin) with the key aim of encouraging immediacy, an in-the-moment response to text and freedom from self-censorship.

Students apply this technique along with breath and vocal techniques to Shakespeare monologues, then use their skills to learn and deliver a classic Shakespeare monologue as well as devise a modern interpretation of the monologue. Both are filmed professionally. Actors apply their skills to scene work, scenes chosen with their input and agency input to best showcase them and the characters they want to explore.

Filmed monologues and scene work are showcased on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and will be added to the actor’s showreel.


The second year Intensive course involves depth of practice and work with more specificity in inner dialogue, movement and voice as well as non-verbal exploration. Actors are introduced to basics of Meisner including truthful responses to imagined circumstances, the power of listening and reacting, and the importance of freedom in acting through focusing on “the other” in a scene. Actors apply their tools to broaden character exploration and choices, as well as deepen their understanding and experience with the craft of acting.

Students work with an emerging industry writer to develop characters and build character journeys to be incorporated in a filmed short feature production. The production will involve emerging industry director and crew as well as industry acting coach for rehearsals. The film is shown on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and will be added to the actor’s showreel.