Intermediate Screen Acting

AGES: 12+


Year 1: 2 hrs per week

Years 2 & 3: 2.5 hrs per week


Year 1: $400 per term

Year 2 & 3: $450 per term

HOW TO ENROL: New students wishing to apply for this course are asked to attend a one-on-one placement workshop with Filmbites’ Head Acting Coach. Please click below for details.

2022 INT classes


Monday Int Y1 – 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Monday Int Y2 – 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Thursday Int Y3 – 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Saturday Int Y1 – 1:30pm – 3:30pm



Saturday Int Y2 – 10:30am – 1:00pm

 YEAR 1 (Scenes from a Movie)

Ages 12+

Semester 1: Introduces script skills and character arcs. Students learn to read and understand scripts, learn lines and meaning, develop natural lines and meaning, develop natural line delivery and bring characters to life from the page. Introduces monologues to expand character development. Students apply improvisation as a tool to explore and expand character and scene. Students apply choices and changes by working with redirection.

Semester 2: Actors practice scene work and character development with a number of scrips. Introduces archetypes and character research. Actors use their research skills and character understanding to identify characters and scenes from films and/or TV they want to work on. Showcase scenes are chosen for actors based on their research and Term 4 is production term, where the actors work on and film showcase scenes. These are screened at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March on the big screen and can be included in a showreel.

YEAR 2 (Scene Study & Physicality)

Ages 13+

Introduces actors to physical exploration exercises and script analysis. Actors identify default physicality and work with tools and techniques to expand physical choices. Actors practice physical exploration through improvisation and script work.

Extends actors in their script understanding and script analysis. Actors work with breath and punctuation to identify character tone, rhythm and dynamic through a scene. Actors work with character briefs, scripts and plays to practice and develop their scene study skills

Filmed production is a short film or linked scenes that focus on relationships between people. Scene study and physicality tools are applied to the preparation and rehearsal for this filming. Films will be shown at Premier Night in the following March.

YEAR 3 (Industry Focus)

Ages 14+

Draws on Filmbites extensive casting experience to aid students in developing industry level skills they can apply to the audition process. Actors extend their application of script analysis, physicality and choices and practice reflection, critique, and redirection.

Actors are develop and apply their learning to a broad range of auditions  including commercial, web series, short film, TV series and feature film. The course includes learning how to deliver strong self tape auditions and includes self-taping exercises that will need to be done outside of class. Students will also gain experience in review and self critique to strengthen their ability in identifying strong takes and takes that hit the character brief for projects.

Self-taping and reviewing of performance builds students’ understanding and awareness of how to apply their skills to monologues and auditions.

For production, the actors work towards creating original 3-dimensional characters with clear wants and character arcs. This work forms the basis of a script written around the characters. Actors audition for a role in the film via a self-tape filmed at home. The film is shown on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and submitted to industry professionals for viewing.