Junior Professionals

This course is a two year course for talented actors too young for advanced training but who have the capacity to work professionally in the industry and be cast in professional projects.

This course aims to bring younger actors who have demonstrated acting readiness, professional focus and emotional maturity, the industry skills they need to work at the professional level.

The actors will receive specialised training with an acting coach that supports and nurtures their natural abilities, working with their individual strengths and addressing defaults or habits. Filmed outcomes will be professional productions with a working crew that will be submitted to industry professionals for viewing.

HOW TO ENROL: Please book a one-on-one placement workshop with Filmbites’ Head of Acting.

Students can join up until week three of term 1.

Max of 12 per class

$550 pr term

“Working with the young actors from Filmbites’ Junior Professional Program over the last two years I have seen an undeniable progression in their understanding of character psychology, script interpretation and improved listening skills. The amount of growth the students underwent over a relatively short period to me shows early signs of a professional approach to craft. It’s clear that Filmbites provides a very contemporary teaching process that’s both exciting and accessible to young people, but relevant to performers at any level. Seeing the training result in some truly awe-inspiring performances that I’ve had the great pleasure of workshopping, I highly recommend the Junior Professional Program to anyone looking for a great kick-start experience in learning the art of screen acting”.


Cody Cameron-Brown – Director  


Introduces intermediate and advanced tools and techniques in improvisation and script through age-appropriate exercises and scene exploration. Actors practice skills and then apply them to scene work and character work in a professional setting with industry directors and crew to produce a short film with IMDb credit.


Actors build on their previous year’s work and continue to receive high level acting coaching and work towards extending range, understanding and choices. Actors build on and apply their script analysis skills and character development. Heads of Casting and Acting choose scenes and character for the actors to work on for their final production. Actors work with adult actors for their filmed production in a professional setting with industry directors and crew.

Junior Professionals class


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