Premiere Night

Screen Acting, Film-making and Animation students work throughout the year to build up skills which they then showcase on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night.

Most classes are structured to learn skills in Terms 1 & 2, devise a story and characters in Term 3 and then film their short film in production term, Term 4.

The film is then edited by our production team and screened on the big screen at Greater Union Morley.

This super exciting evening (usually 3 sessions over 2 nights to accommodate the approx. 50 student films and scenes produced each year) is not only an excellent learning experience but also massive fun for the students and great entertainment for their family and friends.

Premiere Night Screening 1 – Sunday 21 March 2021

Please support the organisations who kindly contribute to the success of this fabulous event for our young creatives: