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Since 2003 Filmbites has been honing our capacity to teach young people. “The Filmbites Way” is to offer a nurturing environment, where creativity can thrive! Our curriculum and classes are designed to suit specific ages and skill levels, therefore providing our students with the very best learning experience and outcomes.


Yes! We recommend you attend a holiday workshop to get a feel for our classes. Some holiday classes include a discount off your term fee for those who sign up after attending a holiday class). Alternatively you can book a trial of a term class, usually up to week 3 of each term (excl. Term 4), if a place is available. For Short Stuff, Beginner and Intermediate Level Preparation classes, these can be booked online.


For some younger, beginner level classes, enrolments are open until week 3 of each term, excl. Term 4, when students start preparing their story and characters for Term 4 (production term). For our Intermediate, Junior Professionals, Junior Industry, Advanced and Intensive Screen Acting classes, students must have commenced by Week 3 of Term 1. Please see details about applying for these classes here.


All students (excl. Game Design) receive a free student ticket to Filmbites’ Premiere Night, where all student productions are screened for family and friends at Greater Union Morley. Students are also given a log in to the Filmbites Streaming Service. Our online streaming service which shows all our Filmbites films across all level classes.


Our main studio is at Unit 6, 31 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga.

We also run classes at Paper Bird, 42 Henry St, Fremantle, and at the Mary Davies Library and Community Centre in Baldivis.


We generally run on 4 x 10 week terms in parrallell with the WA Education Department terms. Sometimes this results in 9 or 11 week terms, and the fees adjusted accordingly. Please see our timetable/enrolment page for details of upcoming dates.


Filmbites Talent Agency is connected to the screen academy, but it is not the same thing. Taking acting classes does not garuantee representation with the agency. Students who show promise and commitment, and importantly, express an interest in being represented – can be offered representation from Hallie. If you were intersted in being represented by Filmbites Talent Agency, please email or head to the website.

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We have a no refund policy for Term Fee’s. Because of our smaller classes and capped numbers, once you enroll in a class we hold that spot for you. We cannot offer a refund, especially once Term has started. We do not adjust term fee’s for taking weeks off. 

About Our Services

Screen Acting

Our Youth Screen acting classes are split into two categories; Junior and Senior. Junior Screen Acting covers all levels from Short Stuff(7&8) to Intermediate Level Preparation (11+) and enrollments are open to anyone. Senior Screen Acting covers all levels above Intermediate Year 1 as well as our Junior Professional’s class. These are more industry focused and all enrollments require a placement audition. 

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Filmbites has been teaching Filmmaking since founded in 2003. Students learn and collaborate on short projects starting with recreations of iconic scenes, writing and filming their own short scripts until they reach advanced level wherein they write, produce and film a mini series entirely on their own. 

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Filmbites’ 2D course may especially appeal to students with drawing skills however it is not essential. The only prerequisite is a desire to bring a story to life. Students create a short animation of their own design and story which screens at premiere night at the end of the year.

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Game Design

This super fun course is great for gamers (why just play them when you can make them?!), and will also provide a start into the world of gamification and future careers in the area.

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Other Services

Filmbites also offer other services other than our Term based courses.

– 1 on 1 coaching

– Audition Support

– Holiday Workshops

– School and Community Workshops

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