Screen Acting Classes

Short Stuff

Ages 7-8 | Saturdays 1-2pm |$220 / Term


Term 1: Introduces skills in voice, movement, listening, observation, following instructions, imagination and improvisation.

Term 2: Revision and development of introductory skills and introduction to characters and story, and presenting to camera.

Terms 3 and 4: Students revise and practice understanding of story structure and characters, working towards a filmed music video, which showcases their newly learned skills. This will be shown on the big screen at Filmbites Premiere Night early in 2025.

Beginner Year 1

Ages 9-12 | Saturdays 2:30-4pm | $350 / Term


Term 1: Foundational skills in screen acting including imagination, improvisation, confidence, team work, listening, and communication. 

Term 2: Students are introduced to the 3 P’s (people, place, problem) and use these to develop and explore scene ideas through improvisation. 

Term 3 & 4: Introduces the 4 W’s – What, When, Where and Who as students develop their own story for filming in Term 4, which will be shown on the big screen at Premiere Night in early 2025.

Intermediate Year 2

Ages 12+ | Saturdays 1-3:30pm | $450 / Term


Introduces actors to physical exploration exercises and script analysis. Actors identify default physicality and work with tools and techniques to expand physical choices. Actors practice physical exploration through improvisation and script work.

Extends actors in their script understanding and script analysis. Actors work with breath and punctuation to identify character tone, rhythm and dynamic through a scene. Actors work with character briefs, scripts and plays to practice and develop their scene study skills

Filmed production is a short film or linked scenes that focus on relationships between people. Scene study and physicality tools are applied to the preparation and rehearsal for this filming. Films will be shown at Premiere Night in early 2025.

Advanced Year 1

Ages 14+ | Saturdays 10:00am-12:30pm | $650 / Term


This course introduces aspects of ‘Method’ techniques and foundational elements of the teachings of Stanislavski, Strasberg and Adler including inner dialogue, sense memory, imagination and physical stimuli. These tools develop the actors in their emotional truth and understanding with characters and scenes. Actors are guided to develop insight and awareness to their own approach to the craft. Actors develop their practice with these methods throughout the year through character improvisation work and scripted scenes, including devising an original monologue based on scene work.


In terms 3 and 4 of Advanced Year 1 the actors put to practice the skills and tools they have acquired throughout the year Actors apply their skills to scenes chosen for them by the head of acting and head of casting. Actors produce a filmed scene that has both non-verbal and dialogue elements.

The showreel scenes are also directed by guest industry directors and allow the students to get a real feel for what an actors work look like. Some Industry Directors we have worked with are; David Vincent Smith, Dominic Pearce, Alexandra Nell, Mimi Helm, Cody-Cameron Brown and Emma Vickery.

The filmed scenes are showcased on the big screen at Filmbites’ Premiere Night the following March and will be added to their showreel.

Where Are We?

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