I have been at Filmbites for three years now. I have loved every step of the way and how they have shaped me into a better actor.

When I first started at Filmbites back in 2017, I was scared and didn’t really know what I was doing. I soon made so many friends that I am grateful for. I have learned so much from being here such as how it all works with the casting agents and what they might ask me to do. I have also learned that it takes time before you might get a role and that’s ok.

Once I became a part of Filmbites, I was able to be an extra for the older classes and got to experience what it was like to be on set. As I have worked on many Filmbites productions, I have been able to grow as an actor and really make the audience believe I am the character. I was also taught about the casting process, character briefs and how to apply them and the audition process.

In my first years I learnt about the 5p’s (People, Place, Problem, Physical Problem and Props) and the 5w’s (Who, What, When, Where and Why) which really helped me construct my character and still helps me to this day.  

Last year (2018), I was Advanced Level 1 and we were taught many things such as Stanislavaski, the 3I’s (Imagination, Information and Instinct), sense memory, inner dialogue and having a go at writing our own monologues. Inner dialogue is super helpful when reading your lines and you have to justify what ‘your’/character is saying. It helps give truth and meaning behind what you are saying.  

I thought that having to write my own monologue from scratch based off my character was going to be hard. Once I picked my pen up and started writing, all these amazing thoughts started coming to my head. I couldn’t stop them coming. I didn’t know why I was scared when there are so many people (classmates and staff members) who would help me. I ended up with three possible choices which Shanta and my classmates loved. Late that night I went back to my monologues and came up with another one because I was inspired and encouraged to write as much as I wanted by Shanta. 

This year (2019), I am an Advanced Level 2, where we learned more about the casting process. Casting directors choose actors from their headshots, they then make the possible actors do a chemistry read to make sure it all reads well; how quickly can you apply re-directs. We looked at character wants and needs, as well as three ways of getting what you want (objective) and the intent of what it is you want (why). During Term 4, we have been working on our web series of 6 episodes which has been so fun to work with everyone and learn as I go. I have been able to apply re-directs if I need to which is preparing me for what it might like working on a bigger project. 

All of these things I have been taught so far have really helped become a better actor and I have more knowledge of how to apply it to my work. I am very happy I found Filmbites when I did – they are amazing at submiting actors for roles and are so encouraging towards me and everyone one they come across. 


Indi on work experience with visitor Bella.